RGB Collective


We are the RGB Collective. A small team passionate about photography, electronic media and design. We specialise in weddings, portraiture, events and commercial work.

After leading diverse solo careers for many years, each focusing on our own creative projects, we decided to pool our talents and form the RGB Collective. And the resulting whole is definitely more than the sum of its parts. Together, we have access to a diverse set of interests and skills, which we draw on to deliver excellent results for our clients.

Why the name RGB Collective? RGB or Red, Green and Blue is an additive colour model used to reproduce millions of colours across the spectrum in photography and electronic devices. As there are three of us and we are 'adding' or creating new content, we thought this would be a fitting inspiration.


Khanh fell in love with photography initially as a young concert-goer, capturing images where emotion and light collide. Khanh loves portrait, event and street photography and has honed his skills through travelling. Away from the camera, Khanh uses his law degree to uphold the rights of people seeking asylum. He can often be seen with a strong coffee or a neat whisky in hand.



Stefan created his first short film in 2006 and never looked back. He is inspired by the potential of images and moving images to capture emotion and tell stories. Over the last 10 years, Stefan has generated a diverse professional portfolio, spanning weddings, events and corporate photography as well as various commercial and non-commercial video projects.



You will either find Jonathan behind the lens or a keyboard; he holds two degrees in music composition, and is an all-round creative. Jonathan is an experienced photographer, working with commercial clients in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region and has photographed weddings in Australia, Singapore and the United States. With a love of travel and natural landscapes, Jonathan often spends his downtime enjoying a sunrise photo session on Sydney's beaches.



The photos are amazing. We both love them a lot and couldn't be happier with what you have done….Thanks again for all the work you and your team put in and for being so easy to work with!

Sam & Zoe - February 2018

The Bryn at Tilba is completely delighted with Jonathan McFeat’s work .. photography & website design .. highest praise & recommendations for this gifted photographer

Sharon P, The Bryn at Tilba - May 2018

Thanks so much, the photos look great! We are both really impressed that you managed to get such good shots given our wriggly, noisy kidlets; we’re really thrilled with them.

Clare - May 2018


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